XenoRealms 7.0 - What Happened?

Discussion in 'News' started by Xeno, Jun 13, 2017.

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    Hello everybody,

    We have gone through 6 different versions in 8 different websites in the span of two years.
    Here is the timeline of all of them:

    XenoForums 1.0 - Hosted on very old nulled XenForo, doesn't fit needs
    XenoForums 2.0 - Hosted on better nulled XenForo, domain of the host expired.
    XenoForums 3.0 - No idea
    XenoForums 4.0 - Taken down after accidental discovery of nulled XenForo
    XenoForums 5.0 - Nulled XenForo, long lasting, still available, abandoned
    XenoForums 6.0 - Stupid host
    XenoForums 6.1 - Kept getting hacked by a stupid faggot, closed down by me
    XenoRealms 7.0 - Rebranded, hopefully permanent.

    Now you know what happened ever since we opened up on March 2nd, 2015.

    We went through crazy times together, I decided to open up a website again.
    No Minecraft server or that shit, I'm mainly running this site for a couple of purposes.
    This is just a small forum for you all to talk to, so there will be less features.

    Rules still apply.

    Join the Discord: https://discord.io/xenohs

    ~ Xeno
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    wow !
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